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    'New Year gift from the PM


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    'New Year gift from the PM Empty 'New Year gift from the PM

    Post by WTF on 9th January 2011, 12:11 pm

    Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva Sunday unveiled nine measures or 'New Year gifts' to be implemented to help the low-income and underprivileged people under the 'People's Agenda for 2011' scheme.
    Speaking at a press conference at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, the prime minister said the government would spend about Bt2 billion to implement the measures but the scheme would generate benefits worth Bt20 billion for Thais.
    The nine 'New Year gifts' announced by the prime minister are:
    1) Self-employed people can join the Social Security scheme in July. Freelance workers and self-employed people can start paying Bt100 a month to join the scheme to enjoy benefits like company's employees.

    2) Soft loans will be given to taxi drivers so that they can buy their own taxi cars in installments at cheaper rate than renting their vehicles. The government will also provide soft loans to street-side vendors so that they can have some funds to carry out their vending businesses.

    3) Taxi motorcyclists nationwide will be registered so that they will enjoy welfare and benefits like other professions. After the registration, the taxi motorcyclists will also work as security volunteers for their communities. The registration will start in March.

    4) The government will reorganise roadside stalls in certain areas as tourist attractions.

    5) The government will continue subsidy for cooking gas used by consumers but it will stop subsiding the LPG gas' prices for industrial use, to make the price structure fairer.

    6) The government will allow low-income people who use less than 90 units of power per month to be exempted from paying their bills on the permanent basis. To enable this free usage for the low-incomers, the government will restructure the advanced fee system for electricity usage so that those who use a lot of power will have to pay higher fees.

    7) The government will ensure free and fair competitions for agricultural products and market pricing

    8. The government wil ensure that consumes will get to buy foods at fairer prices and will not be taken advantage by foods manufacturers or distributors. They will get to buy cheaper eggs, for example.

    9) Crime rates will be reduced by 20 per cent in six months.

    The government will install more security camera in remote spots and increase police patrols in such areas to prevent crimes.

    Abhisit said these measures were aimed pushing for structural fairness and not for giving away money like populist schemes.
    He promised that he would do everything in his power to deliver the New Year gifts to the people's hands.
    Go for it sir...Very Happy

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