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    Kidney theft case verdict upheld


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    Kidney theft case verdict upheld Empty Kidney theft case verdict upheld

    Post by WTF on 23rd September 2010, 7:21 pm

    The Appeal Court on Thursday upheld a Criminal Court verdict, clearing three former Vachiraprakan Hospital doctors and a former hospital manager of premeditated murder and forgery charges in a highly-publicised kidney theft allegation in 1997.

    Dr Siroj Kanchanapanjhapol, former director of Vachiraprakan Hospital in Samut Prakan province, Dr Veeradech Lertdamrongluck, Dr Vivat Thirapanich and former hospital manager Nanthavit Thongchai were named defendants in the case.

    The case was filed in 1997 with the Criminal Court by Charoen and Noodaeng Deeyotha, parents of Ladda Deeyotha, one of the two patients who died, allegedly after having their kidneys and livers removed.

    According to the lawsuit, Dr Siroj, Dr Veeradech and Mr Nanthavit had colluded in forging organ donation documents of Ladda Deeyotha and Nong Promma, the other patient.

    Later, Dr Siroj, Dr Veeradech and Dr Vivat allegedly removed the kidneys and livers of the two patients while they were still alive, causing their deaths. The organs were transplanted to other patients, said the suit.

    A complaint was filed with the Crime Suppression Division, and the case was brought to the Criminal Court.

    The Criminal Court ruled on Feb 22, 2005 although the word "liver" was added into the organ donation documents in handwriting, the prosecution witnesses were not able to convince that the handwriting was Dr Siroj's. Therefore, the forgery charges against Dr Siroj were dropped because of the doubt.

    Regarding the premeditated murder charge, the prosecution did not have evidence to convince the court that the patients had their organs removed while they were still alive.

    The lower court cleared the four defendants of all charges. The not guilty verdict was upheld by the Appeal Court on Thursday.
    Many questions are not answered, of course there is someone responsible, but then again this is an alien concept "khwam rapeeshop". Mad

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