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    Concerning double standard


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    Concerning double standard

    Post by WTF on 28th August 2010, 11:37 am

    What double standards?

    Many readers have written in accusing the government of practising ''double standards'' _ meaning the difference in treatment by the law, of the reds and yellows. Even our arguably most renowned letter writer Burin has mentioned double standards in his letters.

    Yes, double standards only _ and if the cases of the reds and yellows would be identical! But are these identical? Let's look at the facts:

    1. Red shirt supporters killed soldiers on April 10. During the yellow shirt demonstrations no soldiers were killed.

    2. Red shirt supporters killed and wounded civilians at Sala Daeng. Yellow shirts didn't.

    3. Red shirts stole bodies from the hospitals to use for inciting their supporters. The yellow shirts did no such thing.

    4. Red shirts invaded a hospital and patients had to be evacuated. Yellow shirts never invaded any hospital.

    5. Red shirt leaders were inciting the people to burn Bangkok. Yellow shirt leaders never incited their supporters to loot and burn the capital.

    6. The red shirts had the black shirt killers in their midst. The yellow shirts did not.

    7. The goal of the red shirts was to install a fugitive found guilty of corruption on the basis of overwhelming evidence (how many cases against him are still in court?) while the yellow shirts demonstrated against a corrupt dictator.

    8. The TV stations of the reds were comparing our prime minister to Hitler and his ministers to the Nazis.

    9. The propaganda of the red shirts were not only lies but incitement of the reds to illegal acts; the yellows were never that hateful.

    The list of differences is longer, as we all have followed the demonstrations of the yellows and the reds.

    Indeed, the yellow shirts went to the airport but didn't shut it down _ how many times has this to be told? _ the closure was ordered by the airport's manager, who is a cousin of one of the red shirt leaders.

    Leaders of the yellow shirts surrendered while many red shirt leaders fled the country, knowing they were in the wrong.

    Perhaps the correspondents believe these differences are not important. Let the readers decide. For me, the demonstrations were not identical in goal or scope, and I do not accept the accusation of double standards. Letter writer in the BKK Post EGON
    This is also my opinion, one can only accuse one of double standard if the crime is exactly the same but judged differently. In this case the situation is a day and night different. To heap all Yellows as rich and middle class connected to "the elite" whatever that is, is as stupid and wrong as to class all Reds as poor and innocent struggling for democracy. The ones inventing and perpetrating this myth are having only one thing in mind, dividing the country, and that is a major crime.

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