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    Boy says teacher hit him with whiteboard eraser


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    Boy says teacher hit him with whiteboard eraser Empty Boy says teacher hit him with whiteboard eraser

    Post by WTF on 26th August 2010, 9:25 am

    BKK Post

    NAKHON RATCHASIMA : A mother has lodged a complaint against a teacher at a private school in Muang district accused of throwing a whiteboard eraser at her son, hurting his eye.

    Suriyarak Rahaeng, 14, of Phophan Witthaya School, claims his teacher, Piyakittra Wiriyayuenyong, threw an eraser at students who refused to follow her orders in class.
    He said he was hit during class last Thursday.

    The Mathayom 3 (Grade 9) student said Ms Piyakittra had taught at the school for about one month. Suriyarak admitted he was playing up in class. Ms Piyakittra told him to stop playing and he was about to sit down when the teacher threw the eraser at him.

    The eraser caught him in the eye, causing it to bleed. Ms Piyakittra took him to a doctor.

    The doctor gave the boy some painkillers and eye drops. He advised Suriyarak to stay home from school for a week to give the wound time to heal.

    Isaree Rahaeng, the boy's mother, said the school called her on the day he was hit by the eraser to claim her son had fallen and injured himself. Ms Isaree said the teacher refused to pay the boy's medical bill. She said the bill, including future visits to the doctor and transport expenses, could reach 100,000 baht.

    She has complained to police and demanded that the teacher take full responsibility for the medical bills. Ms Isaree said Ms Piyakittra told her at the police station that she could pay only 6,000 baht. She said the mother must sue her if she wanted more.

    The school declined comment.

    The deputy director of the Nakhon Ratchasima Education Area 1 Office, Chusak Mansaket, said yesterday his office had not yet received a report from the school or a complaint from the student's parents. His office would send staff to the school to find out what happened.

    If the teacher threw the eraser as accused, the school would punish her, Mr Chusak said.
    Mr Chusak insisted teachers could punish students for errant behaviour only by issuing warnings, levying demerit points or ordering them to stay after class.
    I, in the course of our performances at up-country schools, have observed numerous, mostly female teachers, walking around with sticks or rulers, slapping the palm of their hand, quite intimidating view for kids. They also used the sticks to point at and touch the young students to make them sit or move in line as if they are cattle. I once had to confront a teacher who hit my own son with a ruler, she was most upset and said she as a teacher had the right to do this, now this was at a bi-lingual school in Pattaya. I am surprised those teachers don't come to school in an ox car. pale

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