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    Newsflash from South Korean KBS news about Chiangrai

    Sanuk Dee
    Sanuk Dee

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    Newsflash from South Korean KBS news about Chiangrai Empty Newsflash from South Korean KBS news about Chiangrai

    Post by Sanuk Dee on 19th August 2010, 8:18 am

    Dear all,

    A new group of immigrants are preparing to come over to Thailand. A lot of South-Koreans are having decent jobs and some of them are about to retire or retired already. They are quit wealthy, but live continue in the fear of an extreme war with their comrade 'nationals' from the North side of their country.

    Some South-Korean retirees went to China and Vietnam already, but in those countries are a lot of limitations for foreigners and don't offer any security for a longer future yet. It seems that Thailand still offers better opportunities. At least, when yellow - red or whatever color Thais will be so kind to keep their demonstrations peacefully, don't target the international community and are willing to cooperate in Thailand in a real democratic way. Foreigners can enjoy a high quality of life, medical services, state-of-the-art housing etc. all against low prices are drawing the interest of a growing group of South-Koreans. And all under a blue sky, warm sun and in a beautiful natural surrounding. A new chapter of live along friendly Thais with their hospitality.

    Please don't mix up this topic with all those illegal immigrants from North-Korea, who are traveling by foot trough China, Laos, Burma or Kampuchea to reach Thailand. Once here they bring themselves in to police station and ask for political asylum. The procedure then is that Thailand have to send them back.... But since there is only a treaty with South-Korea, they are going "back" to that part of Korea. And that was just the goal of their 6 month journey by foot through rain forest, mountains using animal trails instead of the roads.

    For a real nice coverage of ChiangRai and it facilities, please take a look at the nice newsflash from KBS news, now also to be seen at Youtube:



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