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    Papers please


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    Papers please Empty Papers please

    Post by Admin on 1st August 2010, 10:03 pm

    Tourists to face closer monitoring
    The Immigration Bureau will start a new campaign next month to keep track of the whereabouts of all tourists by enforcing reporting requirements of hotels, resorts and guesthouses.
    Bureau chief Wuthi Liptapallop said managers failing to comply will face arrest and fines of up to 10,000 baht per tourist if they do not fulfil their obligations.
    Under Section 38 of the Immigration Act, managers of residences, hotels, guesthouses, condominiums and resorts have to notify the Immigration Office about guests within 24 hours of their arrival.
    Pol Lt Gen Wuthi said the provision had long existed but had not been fully enforced. The opening of the Immigration Control System Centre next month and an improved computer system at the bureau now made this possible.
    "We will now request from the managers of those places information on each guest, by computer, every day," he said. "We are now receiving information from about 60% of them. This should rise to 70% next month, and more in the following weeks."
    Lt Gen Wuthi said about 80,000 people arrive in Thailand daily through several entry points, "but we don't know exactly where these foreign tourists stay, how long they will stay, for example, in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or in other places".
    "This might sound like an ambitious project, but in fact we can actually accomplish it quite easily," he said.
    Under Section 77 of the Immigration Act, managers who don't comply face arrest and a fine of 2,000-10,000 baht per day for each unreported guest.
    Lt Gen Wuthi said the data collected would be reported to every ambassador, which would give them confidence "that we are trying to serve and protect their nationals".
    "We have to identify who the people are, and where they are staying," he said. "If you remember when the tsunami struck Thailand in December 2004, we had some problems with the identification of victims. We had no information or any data on them. With this method, we will have information on almost every tourist, making it easier to identify them if something happens."
    Information about the 1,000 foreign fugitives believed to be living here would also be put into the system. "It should be easier to locate them," he said.
    (from the BKK post)
    Dr. Penguin
    Dr. Penguin

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    Papers please Empty Immigration keeping closer tabs etc etc

    Post by Dr. Penguin on 9th August 2010, 6:20 pm

    In China you must report to the police wherever you stay, it's the same in Vietnam. If the hotels take care of it for you, it's no problem, but having to physically go down to report in person at the local police station is a hassle. In fact most people would put it off, and end up in trouble.
    If they can establish a way to do this hassle free, great, otherwise it's an unnecessary burden for a traveller who has better things to do with their time and money! Maybe there should be an option to report by internet?
    It's one thing to write an address down on an immigration form, it's another to have to go to a local police station, wait in line, and answer questions. Most people have limited time when they come here, look at the cost of the average vacation or trip, you have airfares, taxi fares, food costs are higher than eating at home, clothing and apparel, luggage, hotel fees, etc. So every minute is costing the traveler money. Keep it simple, I can see the advantage of having information available to embassies etc, it does make sense. I know in China and Vietnam most foreigners find it draconian and intrusive.

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