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    Post by WTF on 14th August 2010, 10:07 am

    DSI looks for 'flaw' in probe
    By The Nation
    Published on August 14, 2010

    The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is investigating alleged wrongdoing by some of its investigators working in the probe that led to the dissolution case against the ruling Democrat Party.

    Tharit Pengdit, the DSI director-general, said yesterday that a fact-finding team would be set up to investigate the alleged wrongdoing and failure to follow proper procedures.

    The move followed reported testimony by DSI investigator Thachapon Phromchan, who is a witness in the dissolution case, that the investigators did not record witness testimony in a question-and-answer format, but rather prepared typed testimony for witnesses to acknowledge by signing.

    "If that's the case, it's severe wrongdoing," Tharit said, adding that he would order an investigation into the matter to determine whether the Constitution or any law was violated.

    He said the investigation would focus on the DSI officials investigating the allegedly illegal donation of Bt258 million by TPI Polene to the Democrat Party in 2005. "If I don't set up the investigation team, someone may take action against me for negligence," he said.

    "This matter is under intense public attention. There are allegations the previous group of investigators committed wrongdoing and false witnesses were concocted. So the DSI needs to set up a committee to investigate this matter for justice," Tharit said.

    The DSI's old team of investigators concluded that the donation was concealed in the form of payments made to the advertising company Messiah Business and Creation. However, the DSI's new team of investigators found that TPI Polene actually hired Messiah to produce their advertisements and there was no siphoning of funds.

    And you know what this implicates?? No trial for the Democrats. At any stage of any case someone can do a 90 degree resulting in confusion and it all ends up in reasonable doubt.... smart move.... Twisted Evil

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