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    "what needs to be said" By Nobel Laureate Gunther Grass

    Pat Angko
    Pat Angko

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    "what needs to be said" By Nobel Laureate Gunther Grass Empty "what needs to be said" By Nobel Laureate Gunther Grass

    Post by Pat Angko on 15th April 2012, 12:51 pm

    04/04/2012, 12:03
    The poem by Günter Grass
    Günter Grass, warns in the "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" of a war against Iran. In his poem titled "What must be said" the Nobel literature requests, therefore, Israel should not get a German U-boats more.

    Please bear in mind the original poem is in German language

    Why I am silent, silent about too long,
    what is obvious and in simulations
    was practiced, at the end as survivors
    , we are at best footnotes.

    It is alleged that on the first strike
    of the enslaved from bullies
    and to organized guided cheers
    could destroy Iranian people,
    because in the sphere of building
    a nuclear bomb is suspected.
    But why do I say to myself,
    to call that other country by name,
    in the years since - though secret -
    a growing nuclear capabilities available
    but out of control, because no test
    is available?

    The general concealment of this fact,
    which my silence subordinate,
    I find incriminating lies
    and coercion, the penalty is in prospect,
    if he is ignored;
    the verdict of "antisemitism" is familiar.
    But now, because in my country,
    that of innate crimes
    that are without comparison,
    sought time to time and will be taken to task,
    in turn, and purely commercial basis, even if
    declared with nimble lip as reparation,
    another U-boat to Israel
    delivered should be, whose specialty
    is all-destroying warheads
    to be able to steer to where the existence
    of a single atomic bomb is unproven,
    but wants to be a fear of evidentiary value,
    I say what needs to be said.

    But why I kept quiet until now?
    As I said, my background,
    which is never subject to tilgendem blemish,
    forbade this fact as a definite truth
    to the land of Israel, whom I am connected
    and want to stay, be expected.

    Why do I say now only
    : aged and last ink
    the nuclear-armed Israel is endangering
    the already fragile world peace?
    Because it must be said
    , what could already be tomorrow's too late
    - in part because we - as a German burden enough
    could be suppliers of a crime are
    the predictable, which is why our complicity
    by any of the usual excuses
    would be to pay off.

    And admittedly, I am silent no more,
    because I was the hypocrisy of the West
    'm tired, is also hoped
    it might be a lot rid of silence,
    the cause of the apparent danger
    call to renounce violence and
    are also sure
    that an unfettered and permanent control
    of Israel's nuclear potential
    and the Iranian nuclear facilities
    by an international authority
    of the governments of both countries will be allowed.

    Only then is all, the Israelis and Palestinians,
    more than that, all the people in this
    region occupied by the delusional
    enemies living cheek by jowl
    , and ultimately to help us.


    HELP!!!! He spoke out what others think... Shocked

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