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    Liberty and justice for who? -- Voranai

    Pat Angko
    Pat Angko

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    Liberty and justice for who? -- Voranai Empty Re: Liberty and justice for who? -- Voranai

    Post by Pat Angko on 8th April 2012, 2:07 pm

    However, the appointed (by coup leaders) government of Anand Panyarachoon one (and two) was one of the best ever and because there were no elections votes could not be transacted. Democracy is a tricky "thing" and coups are even "trickier" but sometimes especially around here one is forced to make a choice. I wrote this before, but ponder on this and be honest.

    ""Why is democracy not used in the military system anywhere in the world? We know that the military uses the utmost dictatorial form of control in order to maximise its efficiency. Hence, if democracy does not work in the most efficient form of existence, in the military, why should it work in our daily lives?"

    "Why is democracy never used in the corporate business system, which is the financial engine of the world and especially the democratic system?"

    "Why do businesses of all styles and sizes have bosses running them, and not their employees having a say in the management by using a democratic vote?"

    "Democracy is a clever scam that persuades the many, that by having a right to vote for who is elected to represent them, that they hold the keys of power. In reality its real purpose is to give the power to the few for the sole benefit of the few. Thus the few have the protection of the many that voted for their elected representative."

    Keep on pondering and understand what is happening around you...

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