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    Suspected DREW NOYES VICTIMS LIST..(NOT complete)


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    Suspected DREW NOYES VICTIMS LIST..(NOT complete) Empty Suspected DREW NOYES VICTIMS LIST..(NOT complete)

    Post by Admin on 3rd April 2012, 1:27 am

    Some of the people that lost money to Drew Noyes :[/b]

    Greg George, $24,000------------Elana Wilson Singer.. $10,000
    Lane Holmes, $30,000------------Stewart Furstman- $9,000
    Thomas Flanagan, $25,000--------Hans Boozajer- $6,000
    Dr. H.K Terry, $80,000----------Keith Avery.. $30,000
    Hans Gunter Kessler B6.700.00

    Some people that have been threatened and/ or slandered by Drew Noyes:

    Andre Machelsen,----------------Chris Hill,
    Scott Gold,---------------------Andrew Drummond
    Greg George---------------------Neils Colov
    John Galt-----------------------Stewart Furstman
    Ivan Shiffer--------------------Thor Halland
    “ Rose” , and many other American, Thai, and Filipina women

    Some of the people that may have been victims of Drew Noyes but investigation is not yet complete..

    Charles Highfill & Margaret Young---------------Harold & Shirley Lassiter
    Elton & Francis Lewis, et al.-------------------Mildred & Jessie Kiser
    Klaus Goettel, et al.---------------------------Willis Blackman & Dorothy
    Nina Birdsong & Lois Walton, et al.-------------Lawrence J. Alster
    Albert E. Nichols Jr.---------------------------Dr. Paul & Mona Faye Black
    Janette L Allen---------------------------------Julian Adams & Joanne
    Joseph Street-----------------------------------Fred Kremer & Marjorie
    H. Kennith Stevens II---------------------------Larry & Linda Wooten
    Dora Damatta------------------------------------L Bardwell , Betty Jo Phelps
    Albert E. Nichols-------------------------------Willis Blackman & Dorthy
    Walter J Muroff---------------------------------Christina K. James & William H.Hogue
    William J. Figured------------------------------Julian Adams & Joanne 1997
    Fred Kremer & Marjorie

    Drew’s Projects that never happened or were failures for his investors:
    The “ 7-10" store in Thailand.. It was a failure.
    Building a marina in North Carolina.. He never did it.
    Taking over the “ Old Flamingo Hotel” on Soi 5. .. Never happened
    Buying the 27th. Floor of Markland .. Never happened
    Renting floor 15 & 16 at Channel 3 Bldg in Bangkok. Never happened
    Developing the 2nd.. Floor of Tops.. A failure
    Taking over all of the shop houses being built next to Royal Garden.. Never happened
    Starting a radio station and TV station ... Never happened.
    Building high rise condos in the Tops parking lot.. Never happened.

    Drew Noyes’ DBA’s..(has done business as) :
    Noyes Realty------------------------------------Stonebridge Investments, Inc.
    Stonebridge Realty, Wilmington, NC--------------Boardwalk Oceanfront Properties
    Harbor Point Development, NC--------------------Pleasure Island Marina & Resort
    P.A.P.P.A.--------------------------------------Green Valley Farms
    Pleasure Island, Corp. -------------------------Plantation Inc. P.O.Box 2473,Wilmington ?
    Pattaya Times Media Corp.-----------------------Pleasure Island Investments
    Carolina Bingo

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    Pat Angko
    Pat Angko

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    Suspected DREW NOYES VICTIMS LIST..(NOT complete) Empty Re: Suspected DREW NOYES VICTIMS LIST..(NOT complete)

    Post by Pat Angko on 7th April 2012, 5:06 pm

    If you ask me this is only the tip of the iceberg. Do not forget the families and all his children are victims as well.

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