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    Sonthi must reveal truth about coup : Sanan


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    Sonthi must reveal truth about coup : Sanan Empty Sonthi must reveal truth about coup : Sanan

    Post by Admin on 31st March 2012, 7:29 pm

    The Nation March 31, 2012 1:00 am

    It is essential for national reconciliation that General Sonthi Boonyaratglin answer the question whether there was anyone behind the military coup of September 19, 2006, Sanan Kachornprasart, a key leader of the Chart Thai Pattana Party, said in an interview on Nation Television's "Kom Chad Leuk" programme on Thursday night.

    "It's a simple question," said Sanan, who posed the question publicly to Sonthi a week ago. Sonthi could be a hero if he answers the question, said Sanan. "It's for the sake of history."

    He is ensuring unnecessary doubt about the coup, said Sanan, adding that no national reconciliation can be achieved if Sonthi proceeds like this.

    "I want General Sonthi to answer this question for the public. People suspect that someone must be behind [the coup], and doubts always go up the ladder of power. So if he answers, there will be no doubt left. Did [Privy Council President] General Prem [Tinsulanond] know about the coup?"

    Sonthi insisted on Nation TV that he planned the coup by himself but operated with some of his subordinates. But he added that when he dies he would reveal it all through his notes.

    What he said is not clear, Sanan said, adding that some have doubts regarding the role of the monarchy.

    "I want to see reconciliation," Sanan said, adding that Sonthi could help forge that if he revealed all about the coup. "It's not a top secret that you can only reveal when you die. If that's the case, you can't even speak about it after you are dead … If he answers, he can extricate himself from this messy issue.

    "I want the public to know," he said, insisting that many were still suspicious.

    Asked by the show host, Jomquan Laopetch, whether the truth could ever really be unveiled, Sanan did not answer the question clearly but went on to cast further doubt.

    "Why would he do it [stage the coup] without the support of big people?" Sanan asked.

    He also wondered whether it was appropriate for a former coup leader like Sonthi now to be chairing the parliamentary committee on national reconciliation. He said that as Sonthi had entered parliamentary politics, he would have to face such questions. Sanan said it was also ironic that Sonthi was now heading a process to amend the very charter that he instituted after the coup in 2006.

    "He is undoing things that he created. How is that possible? How could he say he was wrong in appointing the Assets Examination Committee? ... He is undermining his own [past] words. Politically speaking, this is unacceptable," he said, adding that Sonthi should rather stick with his previous ideology, which led him to staging the coup.

    Sonthi told Nation TV that he was playing a role that was neither with the government nor the opposition, adding that he wished to see national reconciliation and democracy in Thailand.

    "The country's interests are more important than personal interests," Sonthi said.

    Sanan insisted that the past must not be forgotten while forgiveness can be given.

    Asked whether Thaksin is especially benefiting from King Prajadhipok's Institute's research, Sanan said yes. "They don't talk about the coup. Things are missing and they're in a rush," he said of the KPI research.

    Asked whether Sonthi also benefits from the KPI report, Sanan said he didn't really know.

    He added, however, that he wanted Prem and Thaksin Shinawatra to reconcile with each other. "I want Thaksin to understand Prem and Prem to understand Thaksin. The two are the most important keys" in national reconciliation, he said, adding that if that happened, there would be no need to go through Parliament to bring about reconciliation.

    He said the two figures were not in conflict with each other but had "misunderstanding".

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