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    Pattaya, Another Con Man in town... Harris Black


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    Pattaya, Another Con Man in town... Harris Black Empty Pattaya, Another Con Man in town... Harris Black

    Post by Admin on 30th March 2012, 6:56 pm

    Updated: February 10, 2012

    The Harris Black Watch is a victims' rights group founded in 2002 to monitor the business practices of convicted employment agency con-artist Harris Black and to warn other Canadians about him.
    His aliases including the following: Harry Williams, Harry Black, Harry Simon, John Ashton, Steven Shaw, David Gogo, Mark Canterbury, Allan Namer, Mark Linton, Tom Lang, Kenneth Greenberg, Harry Kennedy, Lisa Flaherty, Greg Thompson, Martin Feldman, Jennifer Mason, Sister Mary Joseph, Father Constantino, Beth Feldman, Steve Feldman, Sister Mary Hughes, Mitchell Terry. His recent companies / web sites include:,,,,, and

    All the information on this website has been documented in newspapers, TV news reports, and postings about Black from December 2001 until today.

    Contact us at to share information on Harris Black.

    Harris Black has a well-documented history of taking money from consumers for job-placement services that he does not provide. He was convicted in Quebec and fined $2,000 for violating the Consumer Protection Act in 2000. Black paid the fine, but continued to run his business, under new names, including Addition 2000, Emploi 2000, Find-A-Job, Phoenix, and Roxton Marketing.

    According to the Quebec Consumer Protection Office and court records, 44 people filed complaints or claims against Black from 1996 to 2002. CFCF News reported in March 2002 that there were likely "hundreds" of victims. In fact, the Quebec Consumer Protection Office charged Black with additional infringements to the Consumer Protection Act in 2002. After about two years of delays, the case was heard on Friday, June 18, 2004 and Black plead guilty to 12 of the 28 charges. He has nine months (until about March 2005) to pay the fine of $7,200 (or $600 for each offense).

    There are still about 12 cases against Black pending in Small Claims Court in Quebec. To date, we know of now legal proceedings in British Columbia against Black, where he operated from November 2002 until about November 2003, and then again from May 2007 to July 2007.
    View a PDF with a list of all the legal complaints against Harris Black in Montreal.

    Black returned to Montreal during the summer of 2004 and was arrested for theft. A judge was set to hear the case of February 5, 2005, but Black was out of the country. Black spent time in Pattaya, Thailand and returned to Montreal in the summer of 2005. Harry Black made the news again after women came forward complaining about his behaviour. He lived in Thailand from September 2005 to May 2007.

    He returned to Vancouver in May 2007 where he started conducting fake job interviews in public locations, such as Starbucks. This led to more TV news reports about him. He also got warning letters from the BC Better Business Bureau in July 2007 for using their logo on his CV/resume writing website,
    Black returned to Thailand in August 2007 where he runs his web based resume writing services. Complaints about the service occurred immediately following the launch of the website. Again, Black is alleged to be taking money for services he does not provide -- this time using the PayPal payment system. Local law enforcement in the United States has recommended victims of Black's latest scamcontact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet fraud unit. You may also send a complaintso the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) can investigate.
    In August 2008, Black founded another website offering the same CV/resume services. 123Hired.comalso uses PayPal for payment and shows the same example resumes. The complaints started soon after.

    The new year, 2004, didn't start off well for Black as he was, again, featured on a CFCF News reporton January 16, 2004. They reported that the Quebec's College of Physicians is investigating Black for misrepresenting himself as a pediatrician. The fine? Between $600 and $6,000 per incident.

    On January 22, 2004, Hour newspaper reported that Black failed to show up in court (again) for charges that he violated the Consumer Protection Act. His lawyer got the case moved to April 14, 2004.

    In December 2004, Harris posted a message on a Vancouver discussion group looking for someone to teach him how to speak Thai. He states that he is moving to Thailand. In a post on a Thailand-based discussion group, Harris says he is looking for split a cab from the airport in Thailand with a fellow traveler when he arrived back in Thailand on December 30, 2004.

    New information suggests that Black is living temporarily in Pattaya, Thailand. However, he may be looking for a more permanent address near there.

    Harris Black returned to Pattaya, Thailand in December 2005. Being the curious types, the Harris Black Watch visited in early January 2006 to check the cost to fly from Montreal to Bangkok. The cheapest return flight was $3,002 (Air Canada, one stop). The cheapest one-way flight was $1,673 (United Airlines, two stops). How does someone who made $3,234 in 2004 afford this kind of travel?

    Ever the humanitarian, Black has repeatedly posted a tip sheet for westerners who want to use the services of Thai prostitutes, but would rather not pay them anything.

    Black also boasts a 95% placement record. (The only record that should be of interest is his criminal record, which includes a 1999 conviction for Sexual Assault (art. 271-1-B), and an Indecent Act(art. 173-1), fines from the Quebec Consumer Protection Office, police charges of theft (2004) and 34 cases in small claims court.)

    Black back in Thailand, using Web for latest scam
    Harris Black left Vancouver and returned to Thailand in August 2007. He launched a website,, where he offers people "a resume that stands out from the rest" through "help" from "professional resume writers". He offers three products priced at $30, $50, or $60 and he accepts payment through PayPal. Here is what was written on the About Us page:
    Your resume is your first impression so make it count!

    How would you like to have a powerful resume that will open doors and get you interviews?

    We can help and we deliver results!

    CareerExperts can assist you in reformatting your Curriculum Vitae (resume) within 24 hours or less as we understand the best career opportunities don’t last long.

    Our resume writing service provides you with professional resumes that get the attention of employers. We position your strengths to match what employers look for and expect.

    Your resume is the first your employer will see. Is it setting you up for success? Is it standing out from the 100s of others employers have in front of them?

    You deserve a chance at the jobs of your dreams. So take that step towards securing your dream and optimize your resume with us today!

    Make that job of tomorrow a reality now!
    Even though the website had only been live for a few weeks, Black already had six amazing testimonials about how wonderful the service was. The footer on the website also stated inaccurately the following: © All Rights Reserved 1995 to 2007. This is a lie as the website went live in August 2007 and the domain name was purchased by Harris Black only on July 31, 2007.
    Complaints from users of the service to PayPal started almost immediately. Local law enforcement in the United States has recommended victims of Black's latest scam contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet fraud unit.

    Harris taken in for questioning by the Thai police
    In September 2011 we learned of Harris Black's latest scam to lure women to stay with him at his View Talay apartment/condo building in Pattaya. He uses, a website that connects travelers with hosts. She says that Harris Black lifted her skirt and photographed her while she was sleeping and unconscious. He also photographed her passport. He then send her these photos by email after she left, which is when he asked her to get information about the status of his arrest warrants or else he would send them to her employer. The victim has some clout, it seems, and managed to get the Thai police to take him in for questioning on September 26, 2011. She also filed complaints with the Hong Kong police, and Interpol (via the RCMP). You can read more here, but you must register for a free account first. You can also read at another woman's account of her experience with Harris Black.
    If Harris Black committed a crime against you in Thailand, you should contact the Thai police.
    British reporter blogs about Harris Black
    Independent British journalist Andrew Drummond wrote about Harris Black on his blog on December 12, 2011 under the title "Warning: Do Not Approach This Man".

    Active on
    We received word in January 2012 that Harris Black has been active on the web

    Another woman traveler has bad experience with Harris Black
    On January 22, 2012, the a post appeared on a blog recounting a visit to Pattaya, Thailand by a woman who met Harris on the website. According to her post, Harfis's mother dropped off home-made cookies for her to bring to Harris when she got to Thailand. While flying from Canada to Thailand, she clued into the fact that Pattaya is known for prostitution and warned not to go there. But she felt duty bound to deliver the cookies. When she arrived, Harris took her and some other to the local hot spots. She was turned off and eventually returned to Harris's apartment where she slept for a long time due to jet lag. The next evening, Harris told her she could only sleep there another night if she performed a sexual favour. She packed up and was gone in 2 minutes. She was so disgusted, she went immediately to the airport to fly to Bangkok. She later read about Harris on the various discussion groups and fears he took inappropriate photos of her while she was sleeping off teh jet lap that first evening. Her post is in French. You can read it here: (English translation here).

    Contact us at to share information on Harris Black.

    Harris Black
    View Talay 6, Floor 26
    243/1005, Moo 10, Pattaya 2nd Rd
    Nongprue, Banglamung
    Chonburi 20150, Thailand
    +66 (0) 861095020

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    Pattaya, Another Con Man in town... Harris Black Empty Re: Pattaya, Another Con Man in town... Harris Black

    Post by Pat Angko on 7th April 2012, 5:07 pm

    At least he did not start a newspaper and an expat club which seem to be the modus-operandi around Pattaya.

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