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    Old, but not to forget.


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    Old, but not to forget. Empty Old, but not to forget.

    Post by Admin on 29th March 2012, 10:38 pm

    The Brit thug of bloody Bangkok
    By NICK PARKER, Chief Foreign Correspondent, in Bangkok

    THE British yob caught on video whipping up deadly riot fury in Bangkok was identified today as a London hospital driver.

    Jeff Savage, 48, was filmed vowing to loot and burn a Bangkok shopping mall days before Red Shirt rebels left it in ruins.

    And the tubby yob was unrepentant today.

    He crowed: "I was not there when it burned down but if I was I would have helped the b******s".

    Savage insisted he took no part in the orgy of burning a looting which followed the Red Shirt surrender on Wednesday.

    Millions of pounds of damage was caused as mobs rampaged across the city setting 24 buildings alight.

    Savage singled out the Central World mall in his rant posted on YouTube before the explosion of violence.

    The mall - Asia's second largest - lay in ruins and will have to be totally rebuilt.

    Savage - sporting a black bandana and brandishing a stick - said on the video: "We are going to smash the Central Plaza to s*** and steal everything out of it and burn the f***er down.

    "Trust me. Get the f****** pictures.

    "We are going to loot everything, gold watches, everything, and then we are going to burn the f***er down".

    Savage said he took no part in the mall rampage but watched and cheered as Bangkok's Channel 3 TV station was torched.

    He said: "I did not do any looting. I did not set fire to anything, but those who did are my brothers. I am not worthy of them.

    "The attack on Channel 3 was organized. I saw the leaders giving directions.

    "The Red Shirts hated Channel 3. There was a BMW showroom next door which was totally untouched."

    Savage, is originally from London, but last worked as a hospital worker in Tunbridge, Kent.

    Police were alerted to the video taken by Scots teacher Andy McGinley, 28, from Glasgow.

    Savage is now in hiding with his Thai wife in Pattaya and say he may make a break either for the country or abroad.

    He added: "I stick by my principals and if necessary will do some time for this.

    "I do not regret saying I will burn Central world down.

    "I am standing up for the poor. My Thai brother in law gets only 200 baht a day (£4.00) for ****s sake.

    "I was furious when I gave that impromptu interview on camera.

    "I been wound up by some American college type journalists.

    "But the fact is that I have seen some of my brothers killed.

    "I was absolutely horrified!"

    Savage admitted that he had come down to Bangkok from Pattaya with a group of rebels but fled over a wall on Wednesday when the Thai military moved in.

    He added "My friends are professionals. Some of them are ex-police and ex-army. They know exactly what they are doing.

    "Everybody is running scared. I could see the look on people's faces as we abandoned our red shirt house in Bangkok.

    "We had to destroy everything which would give away our presence there.

    "The war is over for the time being. Now everybody is looking for red-shirts. But in two months time things will start up again. The attacks will begin".



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