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    Court reminds us of where we stand -- Voranai


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    Court reminds us of where we stand -- Voranai

    Post by WTF on 7th November 2010, 10:04 am

    Published: 7/11/2010 at 12:00 AM BKK Post

    The fostering of a culture of corruption and the ridiculousness of the written law _ in just one week, Thailand has quite rudely reminded us of our failings. In a series of three video clips, Constitution Court judges Supoj Khaimuk and Jaroon Intacharn were allegedly shown to be discussing ways and means to cover up and find a scapegoat for an alleged exam leak scandal that was supposedly shown in another clip.

    The exam leak was to favour friends and relatives of judges in the recruitment of court officials. Justice Supoj was asked by reporters for an explanation. His reply was that reporters were irresponsible in reporting on the clips.

    He was asked if the words and deeds on the clips should be deemed unethical. Justice Supoj replied there is no code of ethical conduct for judges, only rules against them taking bribes.

    Why don't you, dear reader, chew on that one for a moment?

    Justice Jarun Pukditanakul, a Constitution Court judge allegedly mentioned in the clip as being involved in the exam leak, was given the task of handling the controversy.

    He said no crime had been committed. He said this is a conspiracy to discredit the Constitution Court. He said he will file a complaint for an investigation into those who made the clips public.

    These are the highest justices in the Kingdom of Thailand, upholders of the law. Whether or not they are guilty of any crime is up to the justice system to decide _ but their being the highest justices in the land kind of makes this a moot point, doesn't it?

    In any case, since there is a scandal over the alleged exam leak, could they not at least promise the public an investigation into this matter? To display some integrity? To show a measure of responsibility? After all, they are the highest justices in the land. Surely, if they are innocent as they claim to be, an investigation can only clear their names. Right?

    But instead, it's the whistleblower that is to be investigated. The person who attempted to expose alleged corruption is the one who is to be hunted and punished. He is called a criminal, a traitor.

    Perhaps the whistleblower is in the pay of a third party aiming to discredit the Constitution Court. That doesn't change the fact that there is a scandal involving the highest court in the land. When this is the attitude of the highest justices in the land, is it any wonder that the populace has so little trust in, or respect for Thai law and justice?

    If this is the behaviour of the highest justices in the land, the example they set, who then among us common people would ever dare to stand up against the corruption of the powerful?

    This is what fosters the culture of corruption.
    Six members of parliament were stripped of their status as MPs because they were found to be holding shares in state enterprises, something which is forbidden by the constitution.

    There are to be by-elections for five of the six now vacant seats. One seat is party listed, which is a matter of slotting the next-in-line in, no need for an election. The Election Commission will spend approximately 16 million baht for each of the five by-elections.
    That's 80 million baht in total from the pockets of taxpayers.
    But here's the biggest stinker _ all five of the MPs found guilty are eligible to run.

    Excuse me? Are you kidding me? What was the point of stripping them in the first place then? Did the makers of the constitution not think things through when they wrote this law? Taxpayers have to cough up 80 million baht for this?
    This is the sheer ridiculous incompetence of the written law.
    The truth fears no investigation ------ guilty as charged.. Twisted Evil

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