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    Thais like noise


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    Thais like noise Empty Thais like noise

    Post by WTF on 17th September 2010, 11:01 am

    Thais like noise

    Whenever you get on the skytrain you are forced to listen to the noisy advertisements, although silenced ads are possible, but they don't care for others' privacy.

    The other day I was at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the staff were using microphones to call queue numbers or people's names. Sometimes 2 or 3 staff members used the mikes at the same time and you didn't know which one to listen to. Actually, they could easily use the silent display signs like the ones at the airport for departure and arrival information.

    Next, the security guards controlling the traffic in and out are blowing their whistles at a high pitch.

    Whenever there's a sale or promotion in department stores, they turn on noisy loudspeakers to draw attention, and it is awful if you happen to be near the speakers.

    Does Thailand not have a noise control law? It seems one is allowed to attack or disturb others with noise, or that the Thais themselves enjoy noise. T KRAI BKK letter
    It's my personal opinion that Thais are scared of silence, then they are left alone with their thoughts and frankly that could be scary for them as they have never learned to think, only to repeat. Sleep

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